Eaglevision is not your traditional video production company. We’re storytellers who focus on video production and unique live experiences. We have the finesse, flair and digital savoir-faire to tell your story more effectively and with proven results. We’ve been doing it for companies in Oregon, across America, and around the world for over three decades.

Video Production, Storytelling, & Unique, Live Experiences

Video Production

Commercial spots, corporate vision, case studies, explainers, kickstarter, viral, product intro’s, training, etc

Unique Live Experiences

Sales meetings, virtual conferences, incentive meetings, trade shows, exhibits, unique experiences, etc


Mobile application development

Video Entertainment

Theatrical trailers, documentaries, theatrical shorts, candid camera style productions, etc


Life engenders life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich – Sarah Bernhardt

Dazzle Templates

Professional Video for Under $500!

We know experiences can take a variety of forms. They can look like videos, trade shows, and events. But experiences are always something more. More engaging. More compelling. That’s why we focus on creating work that transcends each medium, and breaks through the clutter. 

Video Portfolio

Acclaim & Distinction For Our Video Productions

Captivate Your Audience

We design, create, and produce each experience to captivate your audience. We make sure everything is right. Because the more detailed the experience, the more senses we can involve in it.  The more involving the experience, the more they are likely to remember, retain, and be positively predisposed towards you. 

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