We’re not a traditional communications firm. We’re storytellers who focus on branded media and live experiences. We have the finesse, flair and digital savoir-faire to tell your story more effectively and with proven results.

Your story is unique. Our storytelling style is unique. Together, we’ll make memorable experiences together.

Our Core Services

Media Production

Commercial spots, corporate vision, case studies, explainers, kickstarter, viral, product intro’s, training, etc

Live Experiences

Sales meetings, conferences, incentive meetings, trade shows, exhibits, unique experiences, etc


Mobile application development


Theatrical trailers, documentaries, theatrical shorts, candid camera style productions, etc


Life engenders life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich – Sarah Bernhardt

Dazzle Templates

Professional video for under $500.00!

Acclaim & Distinction

We’ve been spinning our singular stories for over 25 years. And what do we have to show for it? Just 200 satisfied clients, over 1,000 completed projects, $25 million in billings, and a bucket of awards from the New York Film Festival and other equally impressive impresarios. (But who’s counting?)


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New York Film Festival Gold World Medal Winner, Iris Indigo
New York Film Festival Gold World Medal Winner, It’s Your Move
Chicago International Television Festival Gold Hugo Winner, Zolo Universe
International Communication Film & Video Competition Gold Hugo Winner, Indy Modeler
New York Film Festival Gold World Medal Winner, What’s Your Passion?
Chicago International Television Festival Winner, The Clash
New York Film Festival Gold World Medal Winner, Imagine
New York Film Festival Gold World Medal Winner, The Art of Communication
New York Film Festival Best of Show, See What’s Possible
New York Film Festival Silver World Medal Winner, Innovating The Agilent Way
International Communication Film & Video Competition Silver Medal Winner, From the Edge to the Heart
New York Film Festival World Medal Winner, InterOp Trade Show
New York Film Festival Gold World Medal Winner, Solaris 8
HD Fest Best of Show, The Boogerman
New York Film Festival Silver Medal Winner, Blue Coat


Kristie Ornelas Director of Communications at Salesforce.com
My first introduction to Jeff and his creative genius was nearly 15 years ago and he’s remained a go-to partner ever since. Whether producing a “simple” video piece or conceptualizing and executing an entire event, Jeff never disappoints. His ideas are seemingly limitless and, as a client, having to choose just one of his fantastic concepts for any one project was the ONLY difficult part about working with Jeff. Because his creativity runs deep and his skill set is so broad, Jeff can help his customers to tell a story like no one I’ve ever met. As impressive as his work is, it’s second only to his commitment to his customers. Never has Jeff felt like “a vendor” and all because he takes the time to really get to know his clients and their needs, and he takes full responsibility for delivering a project on time and on budget. He is an amazing extension of any team.



Sanjiv Kaul President & CEO at Enlightened
While I was the Executive Chairman at Oasys Design Systems we used Jeff Eagle’s service to create videos for DAC, the premier trade show for our industry. Each year Jeff worked with us to make very creative videos that captured the key messages we wanted to convey in a very interesting manner. Jeff was able to take our thoughts and come back with several great ideas. Once we had settled on an idea, Jeff and his team did the vast majority of the work with minimal support from us. Each time the videos were delivered on schedule and budget and exceeded our expectations.



Joe Costello CEO at Enlightened
The times that we worked together were the most exciting and memorable times that I have spent on events and promotion in my entire career. Jeff and his team have the creative genius to come up with mind stopping and mind changing concepts, but they also deliver the ideas with the flawless execution. Along the way, it is exhilarating and just plain fun.



Carol Broadbent Partner, Managing Director at Crowded Ocean
Jeff Eagle is responsive, creative and a great collaborator under deadline and budget pressures. Jeff is very accessible to startup clients who value direct access to the development of the narrative and the creative treatment of the video. And he has a great sense of humor — always an asset under sometimes stressful productions.



Frankie Roohparvar Chief Operating Officer at Xitore
We used Jeff’s talent for creating a very high quality video for a big show we were going to attend as our CEO was the keynote speaker. He was able to pull the idea/concept together as well as completing the project on time and on budget and the end product was absolutely great. We will use him for our future products and I would recommend him to my friends.



Paul Hooper Chief Executive Officer at Gigamon
Creativity is a powerful skill that builds a complete picture, message and delivery. Many design organizations can provide creative elements to address parts of the whole puzzle, but Jeff Eagle is one of a very few that is able to build the complete picture. From simple thematic requests, Jeff and his team can build a finished product that includes powerful and compelling elements and structure that deliver a powerful impact.



Stanton Jacobs, CHA Director of Sales & Marketing | Historic Omni Severin Hotel Indianapolis
I think I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff for, at least, 13 years. This work was in conjunction with Eaglevision’s coordination and production of some of the most extravagant and well orchestrated global conventions that Hilton Worldwide arranged for its hotel owners, operators and managers. Jeff and his team of professionals allowed us to create these memorable conventions providing the sound, lighting and staging. His expertise and creativity is the best I have ever encountered and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again on future projects.



Franklyn Jones Chief Marketing Officer at Cyphort
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff on several creative marketing projects through the years. The objective was always the same – to build brand awareness and educate the market, but do so in a fun, engaging way. Jeff met and exceeded expectations every time, and delivered great value without exceeding budget.



Beth Burkley HR Program Manager at NetApp
I’ve so enjoyed working with Jeff on a variety of projects. From concept to execution, Jeff and his team are extraordinary. The fact that he’s such a nice person and so easy to work with is the icing on the cake.



Mark Jordan Creative Director at AVAST Software
Jeff is one of the few video directors who actually makes my writing look better than I envisioned. Somehow the guy manages to stretch a budget further and deliver a better product.



Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.55.49 AMJim Gregg Director of Product Marketing at DriveScale
We contracted with Jeff and his team to do an attract video for the home page of our new website. Eaglevision did an outstanding job! On time; on budget with a ton of good creative input and incredibly responsive. There also a terrific group of people to work with. Highly recommended!!!


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.39.32 AMPaul Hendrycks Director of Marketing Communications at ALOM
I had the pleasure of working with Eaglevision a couple of times over the past year. The first time Jeff rescued me on a production gone south with another unnamed video company. He came onsite with little notice to shoot an additional testimonial from a key client. His footage seamlessly flowed into the main video and actually raised the quality level. Most recently I worked with Jeff and the Eagle vision creative and production team to produce two corporate overview videos. The process was smooth, the creative direction was fresh, and the production quality was first rate. Jeff was great with our staff while directing shots and conducting interviews, and the crew was very professional at all times. Jeff even managed to pull off having a drone operator come in and shoot several dramatic shots of the length and breadth of the facility. I highly recommend Eaglevision for any video production requirements.


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.48.04 AMBob McKee Director of Product Marketing at Cisco Systems
We brought Jeff in on a critically important piece of external communication with a very short time line. It had high visibility, intended for all of Cisco’s salesforce and Cisco partners that needed to get the message across in an easy to understand and impactful way. Jeff crafted the concept and put together a production team in a short amount of time. The end result was a major success that exceeded our high expectations. We will certainly use him on future projects!

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