Doing Good Work and Work That’s Good for the Soul

At Eaglevision, we work hard to produce quality media and live experiences for the corporate world. And we take pride in the work that we do. But the corporate projects are sometimes limited in that certain parameters must be followed. Like many media companies, we are always on the lookout for a project that will challenge us creatively. And sometimes that challenge presents itself in the form of pro bono work.


One of our most recent pro bono jobs we had the pleasure of working on was for trAction Painting. The brainchild of John Barry, a former technical writer, trAction Painting is a form of performance art that utilizes specially equipped bicycles and roller skates to apply paint to large canvases. The abstract images created are reminiscent of the work of Jackson Pollock and others from the “Action Painting” era (hence the clever moniker of trAction Painting).


A few months ago, John was in need of a short documentary for an event called “Bike Art at the Dairy” in Boulder, Colorado, which is taking place now through January 17, 2014.  He was entering a competition that was open to bicycle-related art in all mediums. Everything from images of bicycles to artwork made from bicycle parts was being considered.


We wanted to make the documentary as creative as John’s artwork and we achieved it by employing a series of GoPro cameras shooting time-lapse. We combined this with a jolty editorial style of him doing his bicycle art thing and talking about his work. What’s more, we broke up the video with graphics that featured paint dripping down the screen (a la his style of painting) along with words slowly appearing out of that image to signify what the next segment would be.


Nothing recharges the old batteries like stretching those creative muscles. Of course, helping out someone in need is quite invigorating and rewarding as well. We encourage everyone to give back to the community in any way you can. You’ll not only do good work but you’ll feel good doing it. [/vc_column][/vc_row]