linkAges TimeBank from PAMF

Thanks to advances in modern medicine, people are living much longer lives. This raises the question: What kinds of lives are they actually living? Many seniors live alone and end up isolated from their communities. This can lead to depression and, in turn, physical ailments.


It’s our collective responsibility to look out for those who want to be an active member of society but may not have the connections to do so. And that’s the idea behind linkAges™, the brainchild of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. By using the resources that are already in place in communities, linkAges™ creates a social support network for all ages and across generations.


One of the linkAges™ programs is TimeBank, a neighborhood service-exchange network that matches you with the unique skills, talents, and needs of people who live within close proximity. Members contribute services in exchange for hours and use those hours to receive services in return. Think of it as your proverbial win-win situation.


When Eaglevision heard about linkAges™ we knew this incredibly worthy endeavor was one that we wanted to be a part of. As a media company, we were thrilled to work with PAMF to produce a 60-second public service announcement-type piece. It begins with what looks like a dutiful middle-age daughter feeding her reluctant older mother a spoonful of soup. But the spot takes a unique turn. See for yourself here.


We hope that after viewing the spot, which will run on television as well as various social media networks, you will be inspired to get involved in your community to contribute in your own way. Trust us—paying it forward really pays off.