Case Study

Agilent Gene Expression

Agilent was moving beyond test equipment into the scientific world of gene expression. They needed to tell their story and convey the enormous opportunity to press and analysts. They hired us to produce this expressive video. Not only did it get the job done, it won a gold medal at the New York Film Festival. Not too shabby! Photo Gallery

Cyphort – Anti-SIEM Case Study

Introducing the Anti-SIEM Why Anti-SIEM? We’re not against SIEMs, but we are against the unnecessary cost, noise, complexity, and wasted time that SIEM users must deal with. The Anti-SIEM removes those negatives and adds more positives.   It’s an open scalable software platform that deploys quickly, works with the security products you already have in place, and accelerates the productivity of security analysts and incident responders. Just as important, it strengthens your organization’s security posture.   The Anti-SIEM builds on the capabilities of Cyphort’s Adaptive Detection Fabric, which quickly finds advanced threats that evade detection by other devices. The Anti-SIEM leverages this threat intelligence with a powerful analytics engine that also integrates user identity and event data from other security devices in the network to correlate and pinpoint the source of potentially malicious activity. A visualization tool combines all information on advanced threats and related events into a comprehensive timeline view of each security incident, allowing analysts to take immediate action.   The Anti-SIEM can work with your existing SIEM to simplify and accelerate incident response, and strengthen your security posture. Or it can perform as a powerful SIEM alternative if you don’t already have one. Learn more about the Anti-SIEM, and discover why less really is more. Cyphort - Crawford Insurance

IBM Watson Insights

IBM® Patient Care and Insights is a comprehensive healthcare solution that provides advanced analytics and care management to support patient-centered care processes. With IBM Patient Care and Insights, healthcare organizations can increase the quality of care, improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs by:   • Creating a complete view of patient information that leverages a range of data, from vital health metrics and test results to doctors’ notes and diagnostic imaging reports, acquired from multiple providers   • Using advanced analytics to surface new insights and identify earlier, more effective targeted intervention opportunities   • Turning those insights into action with coordinated, automated, accountable and patient-centered care management   Using a combination of advanced analytic solutions from IBM, including IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare and IBM Similarity Analytics, IBM Patient Care and Insights enables healthcare organizations to analyze both structured data—such as electronic medical record (EMR) and claims data—as well as data from a wide range of unstructured sources, including doctors’ notes, consultation reports and faxes. The content analysis capabilities required to capture this unstructured content draw on the same advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology used by IBM WatsonTM to understand text-based information and present it for analysis.

Spikes Security – Whiskytree

WhiskyTree is a content creation company, equal parts agency and production company. And we also happen to be a computer graphics powerhouse.Our bread and butter work is feature film visual effects. You’ll also find our work in television commercials, augmented reality, virtual reality, pretty much anywhere the computer graphics can be used. Our clients are as demanding as they get with their requirements for security. In fact, it, it’s not obvious, but most of our workstations, in fact all of our production workstations cannot have a direct connection to the internet. That’s a direct demand from our clients. And how do you solve a problem like that? That’s where Spikes comes in. Think of it as having a portal to the internet without specific security vulnerabilities. Yeah. Well there was certainly uh, a span of time when we were transitioning from having full access to the internet to having new security measures that limited that access severely, and then all of a sudden stopped that access completelyso during that transition we had Find new ways to, to still do what we needed to do. And that’s where Isla kind of came in and helped fill that gap for us. Artists and technicians absolutely have to have access to the internet, and the way we get that done is with the Spikes’ product, Isla. Think of it as having a portal to the internet without specific security vulnerabilities. Um, so the main thing your typical user wants is it to feel […]


EndPlay needed to start a video case study program.  They called on Eaglevision to make it happen.   Photo Gallery Scripps - Case Study #2 Sundial - Case Study #3 Lin Media - Case Study #4

Extend Health

Whether you’re always on the go or you’re content to curl up with a good book, you have many choices as a retiree. And that’s what Extend Health offers both you and your employer– choices. More choices for health care coverage and more ways to help keep costs under control. You’ve worked hard all your life. You deserve medical benefits that work hard for you. Extend Health - Case Study #2 Extend Health - Case Study #4 Extend Health - Case Study #3

TouchShare Case Study – American Red Cross

Collaboration in the digital era requires the ability to manage many data streams, assemble the right experts regardless of location, identify the relevant information, make insightful decisions quickly, and communicate effectively.   TouchShare’s years of experience and breadth of innovative technologies delivers the industry’s leading geospatial collaboration solutions. The TouchShare Collaboration Suite software, Mobile Access, and Integrated Hardware enable teams to visualize, interact with, manipulate, and share data from any device, anywhere, to bring clarity to complex situations and better decisions in sight.   From military commands to emergency response centers to off-shore drilling operations, hundreds of customers rely on TouchShare's family of products to provide a rich environment for collaboration through intuitive interactivity, high definition 3D visualization, and data fusion. Photo Gallery