We’ve spent decades and millions of dollars trying to improve cyber security, yet the risks keep getting worse. Every time we identify a threat and learn to block it, sophisticated hackers stay one step ahead with new attacks that fly under the radar and exploit new weaknesses. And time is not on your side. By the time a new threat is identified and systems are patched, days, months, or years of damage may have occurred. Clearly the risks to your business are greater than ever. Today’s hackers are relentless and patient, using multiple techniques to sneak in, inject malicious code, hijack control, and go after your business-critical applications. And that’s just for starters. Hackers can now stage invisible attacks at the memory level – manipulating blocks of code, to trick applications, steal your data or disable critical business systems. And these fileless, zero-day, exploits are undetectable by conventional security tools. It’s time for a new approach, and to stop repeating the failed security strategies of the past.   Most security products look backwards, analyzing past malware, and trying to guess what’s coming next. But anticipating an infinite variety of future threats is hopeless, and advanced hackers will always remain several steps ahead. But instead of focusing on the past, Virsec deals with the present – protecting your business-critical applications in real-time – NOW. Think about it this way – your applications should be predictable. They are designed to do specific jobs and follow repeatable paths – every time. But today’s […]

Skyera Explainer

The storage world is evolving.  Are you evolving with it?  Or are you stuck in the Stone Age?  Skyera is leading the storage world evolution revolution with solid-state flash storage for the enterprise.  Stop spinning your wheels and get out of the Stone Age.  Join the storage evolution revolution and go with the company that’s giving the competition the bird. Photo Gallery Related Video Content

Caringo Swarm

Today, more and more is being asked of your storage environment… which has transitioned from a stifling cost center… to a surging strategic asset. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is: If you’re still using a legacy system, you simply can’t afford to store all your data. That’s why you need searchable storage built for the cloud age. Caringo Swarm is leading the way with next generation technology that leverages an algorithm perfected by nature over a billion years. Like the swarm that fills and maintains the beehive, Caringo Swarm’s highly efficient storage cluster, stores, protects, and provides easy access to all your content. To put it simply: Swarm manages all the complexity so you don’t have to. Swarm nodes boot from bare metal and run on any mix of x86 hardware. No intricate operating systems, file systems or RAID to slow you down. All software is kept in RAM, leaving 95% of disk space dedicated for YOUR data. Objects are neatly stored with their metadata. That means no separate database… …and that means search, as you know it, will never be the same. Any node can be asked to perform read, write or delete operations on any object in the cluster. As for protection, we’ve got you covered. Fully covered. For starters, there’s replication, which maintains two or more replicas of every object on different nodes in the cluster. Or you can go the erasure coding route to secure a selectable number of data and parity segments per [...]

Caringo Search

Everyone and everything is creating data—lots of data—faster than at any time in history. Organizations of every size have figured out that continuously mining this data can lead to a distinct competitive advantage. But it’s more than that. It’s about understanding customers better, providing them with more targeted services, and ultimately, improving lives. But how do you gain actionable insight from this data when you have millions—or even billions—of files? And how do you keep up with the relentless flow of data from different sources, while providing access to this information across different applications? With today’s constantly increasing capacities and file counts, it’s impossible to quickly move or import data into different tools that promise to solve these issues. Enter searchable metadata and collections from Caringo Swarm. Metadata is what turns unstructured data into actionable information, setting the stage for extracting value and relationships from seemingly unrelated files. In fact, Swarm is the only object storage solution to store metadata with its data. That invaluable combination provides you with data that is both self-describing and portable. As for collections in Swarm, they dynamically leverage metadata, going beyond search so you can find a needle in a very large, ever-changing haystack. Collections also save searches and queries that are instantly updated every time you access them so they continuously evolve with your data. Swarm attacks complexity and, in turn, eliminates legacy technologies, leading to reduced TCO, fewer moving parts and faster actionable results. What’s more, your data and the relationships between data sets are continuously protected, searchable, and directly accessible from any application or device. Simplified management. Bulletproof protection. Limitless scalability. Caringo Swarm

Spikes Intro Explainer Video

OK, we have some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the bad stuff. The web browser you’re using right now is a primary attack vector used by cyber criminals to breach your organization’s network. Scary, huh?   Yeah, but not surprising. After all, the browser is the only internal application allowed to automatically run code, scripts, and programs from unknown external sources. Cyber criminals take advantage of this clear path to endpoint devices by embedding malicious code within an otherwise trusted web session.   Once the malware infects an endpoint device, it communicates back to an external command and control center for further instructions on its internal attack plan. The malware then finds ways to break out of the browser, escape the endpoint, and gain access to your internal network resources.   In the past, you might have prevented these attacks with multiple layers of security products designed to detect and block all the bad stuff. But the headlines we see each week about the latest network breach provide evidence that you cannot detect the undetectable. Which is why no detection-based security technology is ever 100% effective in stopping advanced malware attacks.   To make matters worse, undetectable attacks can take months to discover, cost millions to clean up, disrupt your employees’ productivity, and ruin your organization’s reputation. That’s why preventing browser-borne malware attacks has become a top priority for every organization. But if malware detection doesn’t work, what does?   Ahh, finally some good news. Spikes [...]

Clustrix Explainer Video

ClustrixDB. Today’s e-commerce database solution. Congratulations. Your e-commerce business is experiencing off-the-chart growth... …putting you in the fast lane to unprecedented success. It’s not surprising. One, you have a great product. And two, customers now have many more avenues to access your site. Of course, if your site isn’t up to the task, you’ll end up with major engine trouble. You’re looking at serious slow-downs. Or even failure. Leaving a trail of frustrated customers… …abandoned shopping carts... …and lost sales… …in the rear-view mirror. You’ve got to get your site back on track. You could go the re-platforming route. But beware: there are plenty of obstacles to navigate along the way. Then again, problems arising from the success of your e-commerce site could be due to your database. Especially during peak seasons… …flash sales… …and contests or promotions. That said, you may want to consider the road less traveled – one that just involves upgrading your database. ClustrixDB is the only database designed from the ground up to meet today’s exploding e-commerce needs. . Clustrix Comic Book Companion Piece

EMS Software Explainer Video

Workspaces as we know them are changing. Organizations, their staff, and their customers, are increasingly mobile and more collaborative. Many of these organizations are using multiple systems to manage this dynamic workspace, burdening users with a complex process to reserve resources…resulting in double bookings, wasted time, and other significant productivity losses for the organization.   Additionally, without a single view of all available space, underutilization is inevitable…meaning money spent on real estate – an organizations’ 2nd highest expense – is being thrown down the drain. As these dynamic workspaces take shape, effective management of your rooms and resources is critical. Our easy-to-use software lets users see all available resources from one simple interface so they can quickly and easily make a complete reservation using any device, anytime, anywhere.   The system also provides real-time analytics into how your resources are being used, allowing you to make informed decisions on real estate design and configuration. By gaining visibility and increasing space utilization, one organization vacated 6 floors—3 of which were sublet—providing a substantial return on investment. Whether managing conference rooms, classrooms, or desks, you too can greatly improve the effectiveness of your facilities and the productivity of your workforce. Image Gallery

WildPackets Explainer Video

Network issues are the bane of your existence. And you pride yourself on fixing them as quickly as they rear their ugly little heads. That is, as long as you know that they’re there and know where they’re emanating from. However, with networks growing in capacity and speed at mind-boggling rates…and with global network traffic on the rise… your current analysis tools may not be up to the task. And if they’re not, you’ll be adding the job of detective to your already long list of jobs to try and track down those pesky culprits. That’s a lot of extra work that could drag on for quite a while. And the longer you’re on the case, the longer your business operations will be disrupted. Clearly, that downtime can add up big-time — and not just in hours.    If you’re not too wild about that, you may want to consider WildPackets. An award-winning integrated hardware and software solution, WildPackets will not only alert you to problems as they happen...but pinpoint their location so you can solve them immediately.And there’s no blazing fast wired or wireless network that WildPackets can’t tame.    It all starts with OmniPeek, the all-seeing, all-knowing network and application performance monitoring software.Real-time visibility into every facet of your network – whether an individual location or worldwide operation – is delivered simultaneously from a single interface. Next up is state-of-the-art forensics. Data can be recorded on even the speediest networks thanks to sustained capture rates of up to 25Gb per second. Think of it as your own private detective [...]

Spikes Security Explainer Video

Every business – including yours – is a potential target for cyber attacks. But you already know that.  And the web browser has become the primary vector for these attacks.  Browser-borne malware can quickly infect endpoint devices and gain access to your network resources.  But, you probably already knew that as well. So wait, if we already understand these security problems, why haven’t they been solved by now?  Think about it.  Each year companies collectively spend billions of dollars to build defense-in-depth security architectures that include web gateways, intrusion prevention systems, AV software, malware analysis engines, blah, blah, blah. All of this stuff is supposed to detect and block browser-borne cyber attacks. But guess what?  None of this detection-based stuff is effective.  If it was, your problems would be solved, and you wouldn’t be watching this video right now, would you? Look, the truth is, cyber criminals have the ability to plan and execute browser-borne malware attacks that are completely undetectable.  And, let’s face it, no security product can detect what is undetectable. So what do you do?   Well, maybe it’s time to think differently about network security.  Rather than relying on outdated detection technologies to guess whether web content is good or bad, why not assume it’s all bad and isolate everything outside your network?  Isolation is an innovative new technology, and it’s available in the AirGap browser isolation system from Spikes Security. AirGap isolates all web content outside your network, which prevents all browser-borne malware from getting inside your network. Photo [...]

NextGen Healthcare Explainer Video

The healthcare landscape is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. A more consumer-oriented marketplace means physicians are working hard to raise their levels of care and provide more personalized service. At the same time, they’re being faced with some of the toughest challenges we’ve seen in the industry. The outlook is not a particularly pretty one. With their bottom lines in jeopardy, medical practices have to do everything in their power to retain and grow revenue. A revenue cycle management solution is a good place to start. Reliable RCM solutions can help get practices back on the right path.   At NextGen Healthcare, we work side-by-side with practices to mitigate the threats to their earning power so they can focus on what they love. Our comprehensive revenue cycle management solution provides end-to-end billing and collections services. Whereas most RCM providers simply send denied claims back to practices to handle and call it “denial management,” NextGen Healthcare works to completely resolve denials. We also offer helpful oversight to optimize revenue. If any key performance indicators begin to slip, our team of over 900 experts can catch them. Not only is NextGen Healthcare proud of our wide range of services—when it comes to tangible results, we deliver. Each of our clients gets a dedicated account manager to help define best practices…address issues…establish practice goals…and provide ongoing support. These financial pros continually watch over clients’ books to make sure revenue goals are being hit. They work as extensions of each practice’s team, making [...]