Agilent Gene Expression

Agilent was moving beyond test equipment into the scientific world of gene expression. They needed to tell their story and convey the enormous opportunity to press and analysts. They hired us to produce this expressive video. Not only did it get the job done, it won a gold medal at the New York Film Festival. Not too shabby! Photo Gallery

The Boogerman

Slovenly personal hygiene meets with grim repercussions in this modern day fairy tale about a young boy who finds himself nose to nose with the judge, jury and executioner in “The Boogerman.”    Winner HD Fest. Photo Gallery

See What’s Possible

This video was developed, designed and produced to promote SGI’s business  image. The video was also used to promote morale internally, for recruiting, and advertisement response. Strong art direction & messaging.  Winner New York film Festival. Photo Gallery


Dare I say this might be the best corporate video ever made? I dare! Check this baby out. Complete with bar fights, live ammunition, stunts, and horses. It’s got everything.   Winner New York Film Festival. Photo Gallery


The commercial spot is a strong art-directed piece, with animation sequences featuring colorful backgrounds, the toy products, and children playing with the toys.  Fast paced, clever, and hip - this piece is a far departure from Ertl Toys' more traditional American type spots.   Winner Chicago Film Festival. Photo Gallery