Cooking for one can be boring and lonely. But now there’s a way to make it fun, social and interactive. Meet SmartyPans. A computerized cooking pan that “RECORDS & SHARES RECIPES”, “TEACHES YOU HOW TO COOK” & “COMPUTES NUTRITION” as you cook. (Simply connect the pan to the app and let SmartyPans do its magic. The app is your cooking companion. Tell it every ingredient you’re adding and the pan’s weight and temperature sensors keep track of your measurements and the optimal cook time. Not only that, but the app will also record your recipe as you cook. Share your recorded recipe with all your friends on the SmartyPans platform. And let them recreate your recipe with step-by-step cooking instructions from SmartyPans app. SmartyPans makes cooking more engaging with the easy to follow instructions right at your fingertips. It guides you every step of the way, telling you what ingredient to add, how much to add and when to move on to the next step. You can now cook recipes that look and taste just like recipes from your favorite chefs, friends and even your mom! Tracking Nutrition has never been this easy! SmartyPans computes nutrition of the food as you cook and integrates with your fitness trackers Take charge of your fitness goals with a better understanding of your nutrition intake. When all is said and done…even when you’re cooking by yourself…with SmartyPans, you are never cooking alone.

Clever Moe

I am Frank Cohen, founder and inventor of Clever Moe. We are a new technology and service company for brands, organizations, and advertisers. As an advertiser here is what we do for you.   First, we get you a free account. Sign-up takes about 10 minutes. You tell us about your product or organization, and our MatchTech finds the best social media influencers and their highly qualified target audiences.   For example, you need to get in front of people, like prospective customers, who are spending money on next generation mobile products. Well, Clever Moe targets your ads to Robert Scoble’s audience, he’s a super influencer with 3.1 million people already interested in mobile tech.   So who is Moe? Well, Moe is Robert Scoble (expert and futurist for next gen technology), Moe is Scott Eddy (the number 7 ranked expert in the travel industry), Moe is Adreynne Ashley (the most popular entrepreneurship expert at starting a business), and there are thousands more.   We’re already running Moe’s connection to their audience across everything. For example, Moe’s posting on Facebook becomes a WordPress blog, a newsletter, and cross posts to Twitter and Instagram automatically. Every connection is an advertising opportunity for you.

Voutine Kickstarter

Let’s face it. When technology is designed right, it makes doing stuff a whole lot more convenient, efficient, and fun. Technology. When designed right, it makes your life more convenient. More efficient. And definitely more fun. And that’s what Voutine, the new versatile smart button, is all about. Actually, Voutine is several smart buttons all rolled into one. Customize it to suit your individual needs whether you’re at home, at the office or on the road. Click it once, click it twice or do a long hold for a wide range of capabilities while connected to any Wi-Fi, GPS or cell network. Voutine comes preset with 4 profiles. But with the companion app you’ll have the power to create scores of unique, location-based profiles. Always offering you the right actions in the right place at the right time. At home, you can set up Voutine to access your favorite music, Siri or Google Assistant. Attach Voutine to your car keys and you’ll never waste time looking for them again. What’s also cool about Voutine is that it travels well. It comes in handy when you want to answer calls, get directions or catch up on texts. You can even take Voutine on the road. Use it to answer calls, get directions, and everything in between. Voutine fits in well with your work routine. Voutine is equally comfortable at work. Use it for inputting the phone numbers of colleagues, launching your email, and turning on Wi-Fi. And Voutine is the ideal […]

WAVES Kickstarter Video

Introducing WAVES.  The modern day lava lamp Waves visualizes music streams, makes light and sound shows from your social life everyday, shares your fun with friends and family, and brings calm to your life with guided hypnosis with light. Waves naturally float on the walls of your home. Sit perfectly on your desk.   What would you build with a technology small enough to strap to your wrist and powerful enough to help you find meaning in your life? Votsh makes commercial and open-source technology. It is a well designed kit of software and hardware that anyone can use to express themselves, present a gift to another, and share the truths of living to their community. A community of designers, engineers, fanatics, and business people is forming in support of Votsh. This site is a meeting place. We hope you will participate by following the activity on this site. Even though this project is about making Votsh products for sale, the underlying spirit is to build machines that illuminate meaning in your life. Your Votsh becomes much more than a collection of lights and sounds. It becomes instructive of where you have been and where you are going. WAVES Image Gallery WAVES Production Time Lapse

SmartyPans Kickstarter Video

What Makes It Smart? SmartyPans is a smart cooking pan that monitors weight of ingredients, temperature and humidity and transfers it to a smartphone app in real time. The app uses this information to give you tailored step-by-step cooking instructions based on your cooking environment. The motivation behind SmartyPans was to reduce guesswork from cooking and make recipe apps more intuitive. We did this by putting 3 sensors on the pan that act as user input for the recipe apps, helping them make smarter decisions!   How Does It Work? You start by selecting a recipe (yes, the app comes with 1000s of recipes!). Once, you do, SmartyPans will break it into instructions and display only one instruction at a time. You can start adding your ingredients directly in the pan. As you do, a progressbar on the app will tell you if the ingredients added are enough and notify you, when you hit the mark. During this time, the app continuously monitors the heat and adjusts the cooking time, based on your cooking env! Don't need cooking instructions? SmartyPans operates in a metric mode as well! In this mode, the app will only display temperature, weight and humidity readings in real time. You're in charge the whole time and you can switch between modes with just a swipe! SmartyPans Photo Gallery