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Cooking for one can be boring and lonely. But now there’s a way to make it fun, social and interactive. Meet SmartyPans. A computerized cooking pan that “RECORDS & SHARES RECIPES”, “TEACHES YOU HOW TO COOK” & “COMPUTES NUTRITION” as you cook. (Simply connect the pan to the app and let SmartyPans do its magic. The app is your cooking companion. Tell it every ingredient you’re adding and the pan’s weight and temperature sensors keep track of your measurements and the optimal cook time. Not only that, but the app will also record your recipe as you cook. Share your recorded recipe with all your friends on the SmartyPans platform. And let them recreate your recipe with step-by-step cooking instructions from SmartyPans app. SmartyPans makes cooking more engaging with the easy to follow instructions right at your fingertips. It guides you every step of the way, telling you what ingredient to add, how much to add and when to move on to the next step. You can now cook recipes that look and taste just like recipes from your favorite chefs, friends and even your mom! Tracking Nutrition has never been this easy! SmartyPans computes nutrition of the food as you cook and integrates with your fitness trackers Take charge of your fitness goals with a better understanding of your nutrition intake. When all is said and done…even when you’re cooking by yourself…with SmartyPans, you are never cooking alone.

IBM Watson Insights

IBM® Patient Care and Insights is a comprehensive healthcare solution that provides advanced analytics and care management to support patient-centered care processes. With IBM Patient Care and Insights, healthcare organizations can increase the quality of care, improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs by:   • Creating a complete view of patient information that leverages a range of data, from vital health metrics and test results to doctors’ notes and diagnostic imaging reports, acquired from multiple providers   • Using advanced analytics to surface new insights and identify earlier, more effective targeted intervention opportunities   • Turning those insights into action with coordinated, automated, accountable and patient-centered care management   Using a combination of advanced analytic solutions from IBM, including IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare and IBM Similarity Analytics, IBM Patient Care and Insights enables healthcare organizations to analyze both structured data—such as electronic medical record (EMR) and claims data—as well as data from a wide range of unstructured sources, including doctors’ notes, consultation reports and faxes. The content analysis capabilities required to capture this unstructured content draw on the same advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology used by IBM WatsonTM to understand text-based information and present it for analysis.

Clever Moe

I am Frank Cohen, founder and inventor of Clever Moe. We are a new technology and service company for brands, organizations, and advertisers. As an advertiser here is what we do for you.   First, we get you a free account. Sign-up takes about 10 minutes. You tell us about your product or organization, and our MatchTech finds the best social media influencers and their highly qualified target audiences.   For example, you need to get in front of people, like prospective customers, who are spending money on next generation mobile products. Well, Clever Moe targets your ads to Robert Scoble’s audience, he’s a super influencer with 3.1 million people already interested in mobile tech.   So who is Moe? Well, Moe is Robert Scoble (expert and futurist for next gen technology), Moe is Scott Eddy (the number 7 ranked expert in the travel industry), Moe is Adreynne Ashley (the most popular entrepreneurship expert at starting a business), and there are thousands more.   We’re already running Moe’s connection to their audience across everything. For example, Moe’s posting on Facebook becomes a WordPress blog, a newsletter, and cross posts to Twitter and Instagram automatically. Every connection is an advertising opportunity for you.

Spikes Isla Product Video

If you’re serious about preventing cyber attacksproducts like these, which try to keep the bad guys outside your network. Problem is, all this stuff relies on some form of out if Internet traffic is good or   bad.  But cyber criminals know how to bypass these technologies with malware that is completely   undetectable. This is especially true when it comes to browser malware.   Hey, nothing against web browsers.  They’ve become the most strategically important application in today’s digital economy.   But, let’s face it, despite best efforts to make browsers secure, they’re not designed to be security tools – and cyber criminals know that.  Which is why the browser has become the primary attack vector they use to gain access to your network.   Look, you can’t detect the undetectable, so adding more of that stuff is not the answer. Instead…it’s time to think differently.   Say hello to Isla – the innovative isolation appliance from Spikes Security.  Isla was created to solve one very significant security problem – preventing all malicious web content from entering your secure network through the browser.   Hey, that’s no trivial task, and, honestly, it’s never been done before.  So how exactly does Isla solve the problem?   Well, Isla starts by isolating the browser on a   specialized appliance outside your firewall.  When Isla gets a web request from an internal user on your network, it processes the request and renders the content in an isolated VM on the appliance.   Now, here’s where the magic begins.  Isla then continuously transforms all web content – video, audio, text, and graphics – into a safe, malware-free format, and delivers it safely to users inside your network.   If there’s any malware in the original web content, guess what - it stays inside the VM, outside your network.  And at the end of each web session, the VM along with any malware are automatically [...]

Spikes Security – Whiskytree

WhiskyTree is a content creation company, equal parts agency and production company. And we also happen to be a computer graphics powerhouse.Our bread and butter work is feature film visual effects. You’ll also find our work in television commercials, augmented reality, virtual reality, pretty much anywhere the computer graphics can be used. Our clients are as demanding as they get with their requirements for security. In fact, it, it’s not obvious, but most of our workstations, in fact all of our production workstations cannot have a direct connection to the internet. That’s a direct demand from our clients. And how do you solve a problem like that? That’s where Spikes comes in. Think of it as having a portal to the internet without specific security vulnerabilities. Yeah. Well there was certainly uh, a span of time when we were transitioning from having full access to the internet to having new security measures that limited that access severely, and then all of a sudden stopped that access completelyso during that transition we had Find new ways to, to still do what we needed to do. And that’s where Isla kind of came in and helped fill that gap for us. Artists and technicians absolutely have to have access to the internet, and the way we get that done is with the Spikes’ product, Isla. Think of it as having a portal to the internet without specific security vulnerabilities. Um, so the main thing your typical user wants is it to feel […]

PAMF linkAges Soup

    linkAgesTM creates a social support network for all ages and across generations using the resources already in place in communities to improve the health and well-being of older adults and family caregivers. linkAges overcomes social isolation and loneliness by rebuilding community connections, which has a direct impact on quality of life for older adults and their families.     linkAges TimeBank is a neighborhood service-exchange network that matches you with the unique skills, talents, and needs of those who live nearby. Members contribute services in exchange for hours and use those hours to receive services in return. linkAges TimeBank members develop meaningful social connections through giving and receiving help, learning new skills and sharing hobbies and interests.     linkAges Connect uses signals in the home, such as patterns of utility usage, to provide family caregivers with updates on the wellbeing of older family members. Since variations in established routines of seniors are often an indicator of shifts in health, this can be an easy way to detect potential threats to the well-being of loved ones.     linkAges List linkAges List™ is a compilation of resources and services that are specifically of value to seniors and family caregivers. The list provides personalized recommendations for specific categories based on interests identified by the user.     The linkAges Profile captures the needs and interests of the user to enhance their well-being and personalize their interaction with linkAges. Information from the Profile can be voluntarily linked to health records to enhance a [...]

Cisco Smart Net Total Care

You’re experiencing rapid changes in your business… … And that’s why we’re evolving our solutions too. … Finding new ways to better meet your needs… … Because your lean IT organization needs a smarter way to support your network. That’s what Cisco Smart Net Total Care offers. When we merged SMARTnet and Smart Net Total Care, we made “smart” available to everybody. So if you had SMARTnet, you now have smart capabilities… All the features you’ve come to depend on are still there. … Including 24-7-365 assistance with using, configuring, and troubleshooting Cisco products. Plus advanced hardware replacement in as little as two hours. Now Smart Net Total Care helps you resolve problems faster… With smart capabilities that automate diagnostics and streamline incident management, so you can reduce your time-to-resolution. Smart capabilities also proactively identify security and product alerts specific to your network… …They also give you visibility into the support status of all the Cisco products in your network, to give you actionable insights on the IT infrastructure that your business depends on. … Including verifying which of your devices have the necessary support contracts, to meet your business needs and corporate policies. Helping you manage your risks, and get the support you need. And capturing a device’s most recent configuration details provides information for troubleshooting, even if the device is unreachable. In addition Smart Net Total Care improves your planning with visibility into the life-cycle information of every Cisco product in your network. You can even use your […]

Cisco Smart Net Total Care

At Cisco we’ve always prided ourselves on moving quickly. Things change as our customers’ needs change. But one thing we’ve figured out- that change doesn’t have to be abrupt. It can be seamless. That’s what we’re doing with SMARTnet. The same SKU will offer more value and flexibility for your customers. And more opportunity for you to upsell. But you don’t have to do anything differently, if you or your customers like it the way it is. In that case, the only thing that’s changed is the name. Now it’s Smart Net Total Care. It’s even the same SKU, so it’s just as easy to order. And all the SMARTnet features you and your customer trust are still here. But it is so much more than that. We’re adding smart capabilities to help your customer solve problemsthe tools they need to help manage their support risks. All to deliver better customer outcomes. Smart Net Total Care. It’s the same SKU as the old SMARTnet but with improved upselling and better outcomes. We’ve got more details coming soon, but in the meantime it is businesswill automatically become entitled starting in August. We are confident that your customers are going to like Smart Net Total Care. And so will you. Image gallery Time Lapse