Virsec RSA

Thanks for joining us. I’d like to give you a brief introduction to Virsec and explain why applications need to be protected from the inside – not just with perimeter security. You can’t stop what you can’t see – and if you’re a Mall Cop like me, stuck on the outside, what you can see is pretty limited. I really have no idea what’s going on inside. Frankly, most of your current security tools like WAF, IPS or EDR are really just Mall Cops. You might see something suspicious…. {Shines flashlight in the eyes of a couple audience members} …like this guy… if I don’t like the way you look, I can hit the Alarm button…   Unfortunately, people seem to get upset when I sound the alarm and complain that I’m interfering with business with {air quotes} “False Positives” – But how am I supposed to know what really happens on the inside? And without this context, your security decisions are just guesswork. So, what’s behind those closed doors? Well, if it’s critical applications or data – it’s the crown jewels of your business, but security tools on the outside have no idea what’s happening on the inside. At Virsec, we believe that security needs to come from the inside, based on knowledge of what applications are supposed to do, while they’re live and running. In fact, runtime has becoming the new battleground for security.   Attackers increasingly know how to get around the Mall Cops with fileless, in-memory [...]

Accenture – I Am

We are excited that you will be joining us at Accenture’s Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Diversity Awards! We will be honoring those who make equality a reality and whose commitment to diversity fosters new perspectives, drives innovation, and creates positive outcomes for companies and communities. From diversity, we create unity. Each of us encouraged and empowered to share our dreams, pursue our vision, and achieve our best. Because it’s not only appreciating what makes us different, It is celebrating what makes us the same.   Here’s your chance to bring the “I Am” Awards to life and enjoy an Augmented Reality experience.   Go to https://accentureiamapp.ap42.com/ or search Google Play or the Apple Store for the “Accenture I Am” app. Download it to your phone for a new view of our champions of change in Atlanta. GalleryGallery

Omnicell: On Fire!

The 2014 National Field Meeting for Omnicell featured an array of indoor pyro-technics to reinforce the idea the Omnicell is On Fire!  We branded the general session as On Fire and the awards program as En Fuego in honor of our spicy Miami location.  Take a quick look at the grand entrance featuring the indoor pyro. Photo GalleryConference Design / Media

Hilton Fusion

Fusion.  It’s the merging of different elements into a union. It’s the blend of sensations, perceptions, ideas, and attitudes.  Fusion is a style of cooking that combines techniques from different cultures.  It’s the mechanism that allows different images from each eye to merge into a single image.  And it’s the combination of the predictable with the unexpected - to create the spectacular.  Sounds pretty much like the agenda for our  meeting in New Orleans.  Combine tools & best practices with speaker insight and success stories from your colleagues – and you’ll find a recipe for performance. Photo GalleryDesign Elements Photo Booth Video Volunteer Video