Who The Hell Am I?

An Ancestry Show With A Funny Pedigree   “Who The Hell Am I?” is a straight-up parody of the enormously popular ancestry-type shows, like “Who Do You Think You Are?” In place of celebrities seeking to unlock the mysteries of their ancestors, our show features actors portraying complete unknowns seeking to unlock the mysteries of their ancestors.     We envision our version as both a comedy and a mystery. Each subject’s story will unfold in four episodes. And each will have a cliffhanger moment to hook the audience in and entice them to return. Pilot Episode DescriptionFailed actor and writer Jimmy Marcus discovers that the father he never knew—Marv Tollman—was a renowned self-help guru in the 1970s. A documentary explains that Marv was a failed actor and writer who eventually found success as the writer of the self-help book, “The Failure Fallacy.” From there, he moved to Hollywood where he thrived as the “self-help guru to the stars.” But at the height of his success, Marv disappeared. There was no shortage of rumors about what happened to him and Jimmy is determined to get to the truth. Interviews with Marv’s brother and an ex-girlfriend turn up several clues that set the story in motion.   Episode Two DescriptionArmed with the knowledge that Marv moved to Italy with his Italian girlfriend after flaming out as an actor in Hollywood, Jimmy travels to Rome. There he meets his half-sister who explains how Marv ended up doing odd jobs for his girlfriend’s [...]