ALOM Case Studies – Face Reality Skin Care

Bringing Collaboration and customization to the supply chain

My name is Kate Bowyer and I’m the Vice President of Operations and Technology here at Face Reality Skin Care. Face Reality believes that everyone who experiences acne can have beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. And we do that through partnership with acne experts all around the country.

The right products, the right box, every time

Because the Face Value Skincare approach to treating acne is individualized, no two orders are alike. As a result, we needed a partner who was able to ensure that we get the right products into each and every box from scanning at pickup, uh, to taking a picture before the box gets sealed up. We have full confidence that we’re sending the right products every time.

Scale and deliver

What really made ALOM stand out is, um, their capabilities in terms of being able to scale with us. Um, an whether that means a rush in terms of products, whether that means, um, scaling up in terms of the size of our orders. You know, we ship everything from a handful of products to large pallets full of products. And ALOM’s been able to grow with us and deliver with quality each and every time.

A competitive advantage

Inventory management is incredibly important to us. For every box that goes out, we need to be able to know exactly what products are in the box, what lot they came from, and their expiration dates. Uh, one of the biggest benefits of partnering with ALOM is that we have the analytics and the data to make sure that we’re operating at your best.

A Strong Partnership

Through our partnership, we’ve built a really strong collaboration between the face reality team and the ALOM account management team. Um, what I really appreciate is that they truly listen to our business needs and work with us to find the right solutions.

We’re just getting started

Face Reality is just getting started. Our acne expert community is going to continue growing all across the United States so that anyone who’s experiencing acne can find the right products and the right partner to help guide them to that clear and beautiful skin. And I’m excited to know that ALOM is gonna help us deliver our products where they’re needed most.


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