ALOM Case Studies – Lucira Health

Helping Lucira save lives

I’m Neil Savedge. I’m the director of global fulfillment and supply chain at Lucira. I’m the guy that ships product. Lucira Health has a unique test-at-home platform that allows us to provide a product to, to consumers that can be used at home for a variety of different ailments.

Alom checks all the boxes

Alom brings multiple things to the table that allows to be successful in the supply chain. Number one, they bring the, the flexibility of having multiple sites, and number two, it’s the ability to be flexible and scale up to size and meet customer demand. The relationship management is strong, and we have a trust factor with them that we didn’t with anyone else. One of Alom’s strengths is their quality department and the ability to partner with us and help us navigate the specific FDA requirements.

A competitive advantage

Alom provides us with traceability and realtime data in a way that no other partner could provide for us. This is exciting and allows us to get to market quickly and, and have an edge with the competition. With Alom’s certified prescription medical expertise, it allows us to trust that we have a partner that can execute. We know that we’ll have product available in realtime at the right time that we can produce and ship to the right locations.

Sleeping better at night

Alom provides Lucira Health with an extremely critical competitive advantage. It allows us to come to market quickly, serve patient needs, and ultimately save lives. For Lucira Health, what’s next is launching multiple products and expanding into different markets across the globe. Alom will be a critical part of helping us achieve that vision. At Lucira Health, we’re, we are glad that we chose Alom as a partner, and I personally am glad that we did. I literally sleep better at night knowing that our product and our services are in their hands.


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