ALOM Case Studies – 23andMe

Accessing, Understanding, and Benefitting From The Human Genome

My name’s Eli Fry. I’m the Vice President of Operations at 23andMe. I’m responsible for ensuring our kits get out to our customers and back to our lab for processing.  Our mission at 23andMe is to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome. Each kit has a unique serial number that allows us to track it through inventory, through purchase and order management, all the way to our end customer and their specific DNA and lab processing. This is all enabled from the get go when a kit leaves ALOM’s facilities. But more importantly, it allows us to deliver a personalized experience for each and every customer.

A Flexible, Long Term Partnership

As 23andMe started to experience growth, we ran into problems with servicing our customers on the east coast and it was critical to our success that we partner with ALOM and find a way to better get our product in their hands as quickly as possible. Their partnership on opening up the Indianapolis facility was paramount in that success. One of our core values at 23andMe is we’re in this together, and that’s never been more felt and lived than the partnership between ALOM and 23andMe. As we’ve grown, they’ve grown. From gaining FDA approval of our devices through their facilities, through expansion through the US, through new technologies that have enabled our customers to better experience our product. ALOM truly is in this together with 23andMe. Their ability to collaborate and find solutions leveraging their expertise has been paramount to our success.

Going Above and Beyond

Our customers’ journey to accessing their DNA starts with our partner, ALOM. And as the head of operations, it’s important for me to be partnered with someone that’s as invested in our customers as we are, whether it’s the late night calls, the working overtime, what I appreciate most about ALOM is their willingness to go above and beyond to serve not only us but our customers as well.

Paramount to Our success

The big idea is in order to be successful, you need partners that you can trust, partners that you can rely on, partners that are willing to go that extra mile and partner with you to ensure not only their success, but yours.  We at 23andMe couldn’t be happier with our partnership over the past decade with ALOM. They’ve been paramount to our success and we look forward to another 10 years of continued success partnering with them. 

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