ARTA River Trips

There’s a lot of whitewater on the Tuolumne, a whole lot. Over 40 named rapids in 18 miles and probably another 40 that would have names if they were anywhere else. In the early part of the season the rapids are big and fast and cold; we wear wetsuits and paddle furiously. Later in the summer, the rapids are tricky and frequent and the water is a bit warmer (and the air is hot); we wear sunscreen and laugh a lot.

But there’s more than whitewater on the Tuolumne, a lot more. There are side streams with idyllic swimming holes – dreamy places with cool water to swim in, pebble beaches to bask on, waterfalls to swim behind, and rocks to jump from; the kind of places you see in movies or read about in romantic novels. And we often camp near one, so an afternoon hike is often as memorable as the rapids. The three day trips are almost too relaxing, perfect for those who need a break from pavement and schedules; the two day trips are well-paced, perfect for those who want two full days and one spectacular night; the one day trips are a bit rushed, perfect for those who have places to go and things to do. And the river is just outside Yosemite National Park, perfect for everyone. We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable experience with ARTA on the Tuolumne river.