BidSmart by BulkSource

Transforming data into data-optimized decision recommendations is an impossible journey when traveled alone. Not only does BulkSource provide the roadmap, but we also provide the most advanced navigation systems. BidSmart is a bid optimization engine designed with — and for — producers of asphalt and concrete. It expands profit margins and increases win rates with technology not available within the Infrastructure Materials Supply Chain. And it uses operational data and machine learning technology to evaluate all potential scenarios comprised of mix designs, plant locations, internal product & freight costs, and competitor pricing to recommend optimal material bid pricing. BidSmart allows producers to simulate competitive bid scenarios, revealing opportunities to increase their bid win rates. At the same time, it maximizes margins and eliminates wasted resources spent on less desirable proposals. Businesses are immediately realizing the benefits of BidSmart, which can operate independently of a company’s technology, requiring minimal IT support. The journey to advancing your business by turning complexity into opportunity begins with…BidSmart by BulkSource. Technology for the entire Infrastructure Materials Supply Chain

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