Bulk Source

Your teams are wasting a ton of time carrying out clunky, manual processes. Your customers are equally frustrated dealing with the time-consuming quoting process and the inability to track delivery progress. The team here at BulkSource feels everyone’s pain. We owned and operated quarries, trucking companies, and purchased millions in product for our own infrastructure projects. We found that available technology solutions only addressed some of the functionality needed to streamline the complicated quote-to-invoice process. We were confident we could create a solution. Our efforts produced an industry specific software platform, committed to enabling producers, customers and truckers a seamless way to buy, sell and deliver aggregates and other bulk materials. We deliberately focused on the three most impactful functions of your commercial operation: procurement, fulfillment and back-office operations.

Let’s start with procurement. Material suppliers use the customer management functionality to manage their product inventory, customer- specific pricing, and other business necessities, such as credit limits and trade references. Suppliers can either use BulkSource internally or encourage customers to utilize the web interface to easily submit a quote request in under one minute. Once notified of the request, suppliers can access it on their BulkSource dashboard on a computer or smartphone. Within one minute, the supplier may respond to the customer’s quote request with appropriate pricing and terms. Two key features accelerate BulkSource’s quoting system. One, suppliers can view their product inventory within our quoting module. And two, they can use our delivery pricing algorithm to instantaneously estimate delivery costs. Once notified of the pending quote via text and/or email, the customer logs into BulkSource, and e-signs the quote—automatically converting it to an order.

Up next, fulfillment. We know that scheduling and managing a network of trucks to fulfill orders is a never ending battle. Using BulkSource, suppliers stay connected to their approved driver network, allowing drivers to share their availability. Centralizing the driver pool enables suppliers to schedule delivery for a specific job in one to two minutes—even weeks in advance. When finalized, the job offer is sent to the assigned drivers and visible to both parties. Drivers can utilize BulkSource for free and are able to easily share their availability and equipment specs for all potential supplier assignments. On the day of the job, drivers use their BulkSource mobile app to get specific instructions, and to enter scale ticket data electronically instead of writing it down on paper tickets. Suppliers and customers can track the specific location of all trucks and view the loads that have been completed so far, greatly streamlining back office operations—no more manually entering and validating dozens, or even hundreds, of paper tickets each day.

We also address dozens of additional operational and administrative issues, such as invoicing and customer onboarding, to simplify your business processes and reduce communication problems. Most importantly, your team members will not need specialized training to maximize the BulkSource benefits. We designed the platform to simplify—not complicate—your operations. If you decide to take advantage of BulkSource, our team of experts will onboard your company and network free of charge—and with no hidden fees. Our software supports unlimited users and we offer customizable plans to accommodate operations of every size. When you’re ready to streamline and modernize your operations, BulkSource is ready to help.