Caringo Swarm

Today, more and more is being asked of your storage environment… which has transitioned from a stifling cost center… to a surging strategic asset. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is: If you’re still using a legacy system, you simply can’t afford to store all your data. That’s why you need searchable storage built for the cloud age.

Caringo Swarm is leading the way with next generation technology that leverages an algorithm perfected by nature over a billion years. Like the swarm that fills and maintains the beehive, Caringo Swarm’s highly efficient storage cluster, stores, protects, and provides easy access to all your content. To put it simply: Swarm manages all the complexity so you don’t have to. Swarm nodes boot from bare metal and run on any mix of x86 hardware. No intricate operating systems, file systems or RAID to slow you down. All software is kept in RAM, leaving 95% of disk space dedicated for YOUR data. Objects are neatly stored with their metadata. That means no separate database… …and that means search, as you know it, will never be the same.

Any node can be asked to perform read, write or delete operations on any object in the cluster. As for protection, we’ve got you covered. Fully covered. For starters, there’s replication, which maintains two or more replicas of every object on different nodes in the cluster. Or you can go the erasure coding route to secure a selectable number of data and parity segments per object—all spread over separate nodes. What’s more, you can choose a different scheme for each object in the cluster. Disk drive failure is a daily fact of life. With Swarm, it’s no sweat. All nodes take part in the detection and recovery process, quickly healing the affected data—so there’s no rush to replace the failed hardware. Last but not least, scalability reigns supreme. As your content storage requirements grow, Swarm adapts. There’s no configuration, no provisioning, no installs. You just add nodes—even different models or brands—and they’ll be automatically absorbed by the cluster.

Simplified management. Bulletproof protection. Limitless scalability.

Caringo Swarm. Searchable storage for the cloud age.