Cequence API Sentinel

Driven by mobile device ubiquity and the move towards modular applications, organizations are using APIs to enable application business logic, and facilitate integration efforts while accelerating innovation and simplifying development. However, APIs are a double-edged sword. On one hand, APIs accelerate innovation. On the other hand, they are an increasingly targeted attack vector for a number of reasons. Errors are made in API coding, QA tests missed, specifications not followed, shadow APIs are deployed – all of which can introduce security gaps that that lead to fraud or data loss. To ensure your APIs and the transactions they enable are protected, you need to first confirm you have complete visibility into all your APIs. Next, you need to prevent and correct API coding errors that may inadvertently expose too much data and finally, you need inline threat prevention to stop attacks in their tracks. Unfortunately, when evaluating how to protect their APIs, organizations are faced with a fragmented mix of silo-based security offerings that provide partial solutions for detecting APIs and protecting them from conformance errors.

API Sentinel from Cequence Security provides enterprises with the only API security solution that delivers continuous discovery, monitoring and inline protection of all APIs, including shadow APIs, across on-premises and cloud deployments. Discovered APIs are assessed to ensure API specification conformance and are continually analyzed to prevent threats hiding in plain sight. With API Sentinel, enterprises gain runtime insights that can be used to efficiently prioritize per-API level fixes to mitigate security risks long before they are published. Examples of runtime usage insights include geographical distribution of API clients, frequently observed headers, parameters and response time metrics. API Sentinel makes assessment and monitoring of your APIs a frictionless and integral part of the development lifecycle, ensuring that flaws are found early, security risks are eliminated before publication and productivity isn’t negatively impacted. API Sentinel integrates natively with popular API Gateways and can be deployed in your datacenter, the public cloud, or as a SaaS solution. Learn more about Cequence API Sentinel at www.cequence.ai or request a demo at info@cequence.ai.