Cequence Explainer

Here’s a shocking fact.   Recent research indicates that malicious bot attacks now account for nearly 1/3 of all traffic on the Internet.  Think about that. A security issue that you might not have paid much attention to in the past, is fast becoming the #1 cyber threat facing every organization doing business in our hyper-connected world. These attacks can be planned and executed quickly using credentials, tools, and infrastructure readily available on the dark web. Financially-motivated attack objectives include fraudulent account takeover, application denial of service, API business logic abuse, and much more. If your organization relies on web, mobile, or API applications to facilitate business processes or engage with customers, you should consider yourself a potential attack target. So, what do you do about it?

Legacy bot defense tools have proven to be either obsolete, complex, ineffective, or all of the above. For example, web application firewalls sit in line and must make quick decisions using outdated signatures to detect outdated threats.  That won’t help much.First-generation bot mitigation tools force you to deal with continuous, time-consuming application modifications that involve JavaScript and mobile SDKs.  Large organizations often have hundreds of applications to support, so this is not a trivial task. Even after all that work, your visibility and protection against bot attacks is still limited. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Cequence Security provides advanced bot defense capabilities you won’t find in legacy products. No signatures, no JavaScript, no SDKs, no black box service, no specialized appliances, none of that nonsense.  Instead, we protect organizations like yours with Cequence ASP, a distributed software platform that deploys quickly on premise, in the cloud, wherever you need application protection.   The platform leverages our patent-pending CQAI analytics engine, which combines applied AI, machine learning and behavioral analysis capabilities.  This empowers your organization with unmatched discovery, detection, and defense capabilities to protect against targeted bot attacks.

Here’s how it works. Once it’s deployed, Cequence automatically discovers all web, mobile, and API applications distributed across your entire organization.  You’ll immediately gain insight into new and existing applications you didn’t even know existed, but your adversaries did. Next, Cequence continuously ingests network metadata flowing between external clients and your distributed applications.  The CQAI engine within the Cequence platform analyzes this metadata in real-time and provides your security team with comprehensive details on the source, profile, and intent of the entities targeting your applications.  Finally, Cequence provides automated, real-time mitigation capabilities, allowing you to apply various blocking and deception policies that thwart malicious bot attacks and end their threat to your application assets – and to your business. Discovery. Detection. Defense. Powered by CQAI technology, this is the sequence of automated events that stop bot attacks and protect all the web, mobile, and API assets that connect your business with your customers.  Learn more and request a demo at www.cequence.ai.