Cequence Security RSA

APIs are exploding and have become the currency of exchange across the digital business landscape. Think there are thousands of them? Try billions. Not only that, they are highly visible and well-defined doorways into both data and business processes, making them ideal targets for abuse, fraud, and theft. Gartner predicts APIs to be the #1 attack surface – with attacks quadrupling in the next 2 years. The problem for many security teams is that they lack the visibility and defense necessary to protect APIs. Unfortunately, their efforts to extend existing solutions fall short because they leave unmitigated risk from unknown “shadow” APIs. Even worse, these solutions provide inadequate detection and protection across known APIs.

Cequence is the world’s first Unified API Protection solution that can discover, detect, and defend against billions of API attacks. It achieves this by securing the entire API Security lifecycle –discovery, inventory, compliance, detection, native inline prevention, and testing. Security teams deploying the Cequence Unified API Protection solution eliminate previously unknown, unprotected, and unmitigated API risks. It can be deployed and scaled quickly and easily with zero footprint, zero instrumentation, zero scanning, and zero agents. Powered by CQAI – a patented machine learning engine to create attack futility, failure, and fatigue – Cequence ensures the only spotlight attackers get…(Pause)…is the glow from their laptop. Cequence reduces costs with higher efficacy, while minimizing fraud, data loss, and non-compliance. Solve all your known – and unknown – API issues with Cequence Security. Continuous protection for ubiquitous API connectivity.