Cisco Smart Net Total Care

You’re experiencing rapid changes in your business…

… And that’s why we’re evolving our solutions too.

… Finding new ways to better meet your needs…

… Because your lean IT organization needs a smarter way to support your network.

That’s what Cisco Smart Net Total Care offers.

When we merged SMARTnet and Smart Net Total Care, we made “smart” available to everybody.

So if you had SMARTnet, you now have smart capabilities…

All the features you’ve come to depend on are still there.

… Including 24-7-365 assistance with using, configuring, and troubleshooting Cisco products.

Plus advanced hardware replacement in as little as two hours.

Now Smart Net Total Care helps you resolve problems faster…

With smart capabilities that automate diagnostics and streamline incident management, so you can reduce your time-to-resolution.

Smart capabilities also proactively identify security and product alerts specific to your network…

…They also give you visibility into the support status of all the Cisco products in your network, to give you actionable insights on the IT infrastructure that your business depends on.

… Including verifying which of your devices have the necessary support contracts, to meet your business needs and corporate policies.

Helping you manage your risks, and get the support you need.

And capturing a device’s most recent configuration details provides information for troubleshooting, even if the device is unreachable.

In addition Smart Net Total Care improves your planning with visibility into the life-cycle information of every Cisco product in your network.

You can even use your smartphone.

… So your team can access smart support information while on the go.

Smart capabilities work by collecting installed-device information using software automation…

… And analyzing and comparing it to our Knowledge Bases…

… To provide insight you can act on.

Making your life a little…

… Or a lot…

… Easier.

Smart Net Total Care isn’t just for large, complex networks…

… It’s for any size business with any number of Cisco devices…

… Especially if your network is critical to your business operation and success.

One customer said that Smart Net Total Care found devices that were not on their radar using their old manual-spreadsheet method of managing service coverage.

They quickly updated their support coverage to include them.

Another said that Smart Net Total Care gives them peace of mind around the world by giving them the insights to proactively prevent network downtime.

We’ve also added some additional services to help you better take advantage of Cisco Smart Net Total Care.

Our new Smart Assist service provides Cisco experts to help you configure, deploy, and support the smart capabilities, so you can take advantage of those capabilities, sooner.

And our Asset Management service gives you a designated Asset Manager for comprehensive, near real-time visibility, plus frequent expert analysis into the products and assets in your network.

Both are designed to help you get more out of the smart capabilities that come with Smart Net Total Care.

So if peace of mind is valuable to you…

… Then you should talk to us.

Talk to your Cisco representative or Cisco Partner about Cisco Smart Net Total Care.

Let’s make your life a bit easier.

… with Cisco Smart Net Total Care