Cisco Smart Net Total Care

At Cisco we’ve always prided ourselves on moving quickly. Things change as our customers’ needs change. But one thing we’ve figured out- that change doesn’t have to be abrupt. It can be seamless. That’s what we’re doing with SMARTnet. The same SKU will offer more value and flexibility for your customers. And more opportunity for you to upsell. But you don’t have to do anything differently, if you or your customers like it the way it is. In that case, the only thing that’s changed is the name. Now it’s Smart Net Total Care. It’s even the same SKU, so it’s just as easy to order. And all the SMARTnet features you and your customer trust are still here. But it is so much more than that. We’re adding smart capabilities to help your customer solve problemsthe tools they need to help manage their support risks. All to deliver better customer outcomes. Smart Net Total Care. It’s the same SKU as the old SMARTnet but with improved upselling and better outcomes. We’ve got more details coming soon, but in the meantime it is businesswill automatically become entitled starting in August. We are confident that your customers are going to like Smart Net Total Care.
And so will you.