Clever Moe

I am Frank Cohen, founder and inventor of Clever Moe. We are a new technology and service company for brands, organizations, and advertisers. As an advertiser here is what we do for you.

First, we get you a free account. Sign-up takes about 10 minutes. You tell us about your product or organization, and our MatchTech finds the best social media influencers and their highly qualified target audiences.

For example, you need to get in front of people, like prospective customers, who are spending money on next generation mobile products. Well, Clever Moe targets your ads to Robert Scoble’s audience, he’s a super influencer with 3.1 million people already interested in mobile tech.

So who is Moe? Well, Moe is Robert Scoble (expert and futurist for next gen technology), Moe is Scott Eddy (the number 7 ranked expert in the travel industry), Moe is Adreynne Ashley (the most popular entrepreneurship expert at starting a business), and there are thousands more.

We’re already running Moe’s connection to their audience across everything. For example, Moe’s posting on Facebook becomes a WordPress blog, a newsletter, and cross posts to Twitter and Instagram automatically. Every connection is an advertising opportunity for you.