Cyphort – Anti-SIEM Case Study


Introducing the Anti-SIEM

Why Anti-SIEM? We’re not against SIEMs, but we are against the unnecessary cost, noise, complexity, and wasted time that SIEM users must deal with. The Anti-SIEM removes those negatives and adds more positives.

It’s an open scalable software platform that deploys quickly, works with the security products you already have in place, and accelerates the productivity of security analysts and incident responders. Just as important, it strengthens your organization’s security posture.

The Anti-SIEM builds on the capabilities of Cyphort’s Adaptive Detection Fabric, which quickly finds advanced threats that evade detection by other devices. The Anti-SIEM leverages this threat intelligence with a powerful analytics engine that also integrates user identity and event data from other security devices in the network to correlate and pinpoint the source of potentially malicious activity. A visualization tool combines all information on advanced threats and related events into a comprehensive timeline view of each security incident, allowing analysts to take immediate action.

The Anti-SIEM can work with your existing SIEM to simplify and accelerate incident response, and strengthen your security posture. Or it can perform as a powerful SIEM alternative if you don’t already have one. Learn more about the Anti-SIEM, and discover why less really is more.