Cyphort Director

There’s more than one way to skin a cat—and produce compelling media. All it takes is putting on your thinking cap and, in turn, putting a fresh spin on storytelling. It also helps to be committed to not breaking the bank in your quest for a compelling finished product.


Case in point: Eaglevision was recently tasked with producing a short internal marketing video for Cyphort, a Silicon Valley cyber security firm. The client had a modest budget and a very limited amount of time to shoot it. Being the mavericks that we are, we created a dramatic scenario that called for half a dozen actors.


Taking our lead from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” we came up with a cost-effective and highly creative solution. It entailed hiring a small crew and one paid actor. For the other roles, we enlisted the services of company c-level executives. It was easy for them to take part in the production because we were only shooting for an hour and the “set” was built in a company conference room.


To make things even simpler, there was no script that the executives would have to spend time reading and memorizing. It was just an outline with some big-picture ideas. All the lines would be ad-libbed, “Curb”-style.


The end result (video link) was an internal marketing piece with a clear, albeit unconventional, message told in an entertaining way. An extra layer of fun was added by having in-house talent that the audience could relate to.


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