Cyphort Explainer Video

Every effective security architecture begins with a strong first line of defense. Firewalls, secure web gateways, intrusion prevention systems – even endpoint security products. They all do a good job of most preventing most cyber attacks before they have a chance to start. But what about the advanced threats that bypass your first line of defense and gain access to your internal network resources and sensitive data? How do you know those threats are there? How long does it take you to find them? And most important, how can you close this security gap?


Now… imagine your network protected by an intelligent security fabric. A distributed software layer weaving together connections running north, south, east, and west throughout your network. Each strand, seamlessly integrated with your first line of security defense, working together to close the security gap and create a unified whole greater than the sum of its parts.


This is the Adaptive Detection Fabric from Cyphort, an innovative software solution with open APIs that bind together, complement, and radically enhance the effectiveness of your existing security infrastructure. The fabric is created by deploying lightweight, virtual collectors at critical points throughout your network. These collectors continuously gather information on suspicious files, web, email, and lateral spread traffic. All of this data is delivered to the SmartCore analytics engine, which can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. SmartCore continuously correlates data from all your collectors, then applies advanced, multi-stage analysis to quickly find the advanced threat hiding in plain sight.


In addition, when new threats are discovered, the Adaptive Detection Fabric automatically works with your in-line security tools, endpoint software, cloud security tools, and network access control systems, to implement various containment and isolation processes and policies. In essence, the fabric enables your security infrastructure to “adapt” to these new threats by restricting their movement inside the network, shutting down their communications outside the network, preventing infected files from being uploaded for cloud file storage, and strengthening in-line tools to block similar attacks in the future.


The Adaptive Detection Fabric requires no disruptive, rip-and-replace deployment. As a software solution, it can be installed on VMs, commercial servers, or in the cloud, and be operational the same day. It scales to support virtually any size company, with any number of locations – all manageable as a single integrated fabric. Learn more about how the Adaptive Detection Fabric can help close the security gap and protect your organization. Arrange a demo or schedule a 30-day POC by contacting us at