eBay B2B

These days, every dollar counts for your dealership. So, it’s important to have a balanced marketing plan.  But there are still cost-effective ways to improve sales, increase opportunity, and reach new markets.  Here are 4 ways eBay Motors can help you. Our Buyers are Real. Unique. And Capable. Our shoppers are more likely to buy a car than shoppers on ANY other site.
Plus, they’re power-earners— spending more and highly motivated to do so with US. Our Sellers have everything they need to grow their business—like actionable data. eBay Motors is member-based. So, we offer verified information from buyers with real interest in your listings. eBay Motors dealers are always in the driver’s seat. Programs like Frontline give you complete control of how you want to sell. Lastly, take a load off! Our listing automation capabilities plug directly into your existing data feeds. From there, it’s just “feed to lead”—it doesn’t get any easier than this!

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