eBay Motors

If you’re watching this video, it means one of two things. Either you want to protect yourself against being scammed – or you think you’ve already been scammed. If it’s the latter, chances are you were on an external site engaging with a bad actor who was pretending to conduct the transaction via eBay Motors.

Don’t feel bad. But do remember this: You’ll never find an eBay Motors listing outside eBay Motors.

We truly wish we could help you get un-scammed. You see, while we make tremendous efforts to ensure the utmost in safety and security on ebay.com and our mobile apps, we can’t prevent what happens on non-eBay sites.

But here’s what we can do. For starters, we can help you report a concern to put a potential scammer on notice. We can also point you in the direction of law enforcement to get the investigation ball rolling. What’s more, we can give you the know-how to make sure you’ll never be taken advantage of.

Red flags can abound around pricing – and you’re bound to encounter one or more of these devious ploys. On top of that, sellers will usually tip their hand that they’re not on the up and up.

We know being scammed is no fun. Once the dust of frustration settles, keep this simple rule of the road in mind:

Stay on eBay.com and you’ll always stay safe.