eBay Promoted Listings

Would you like to get more money for from your auction listing? An easy way to get more buyers to see your listing and increase your chance of sale more bids is with Promoted Listings Express.  Sellers who’ve used Promoted Listings Express on average got more views than similar auction listings. That’s because buyers will see your auction on similar eBay listings. More views means a greater chance of selling your item at a higher price!

There are two easy ways to get started with Promoted Listings Express. One, while after listing a new auction or two, from the Promote It banner in My eBay Active Listings Once there, you’ll see the Promoted Listings Express screen and an upfront price. Tap on “Pay now to promote” to purchase. Your listing will be shown to more buyers until your auction ends. And you can see how your listing performed in the ad report in your MyeBay Active. Go to MyeBay Active Listings and tap the Promote It banner on your auctions to get started. Soon, you’ll be on your way to more views and – potentially more bids money – for your item.