EMS Software Explainer Video

Workspaces as we know them are changing. Organizations, their staff, and their customers, are increasingly mobile and more collaborative. Many of these organizations are using multiple systems to manage this dynamic workspace, burdening users with a complex process to reserve resources…resulting in double bookings, wasted time, and other significant productivity losses for the organization.

Additionally, without a single view of all available space, underutilization is inevitable…meaning money spent on real estate – an organizations’ 2nd highest expense – is being thrown down the drain. As these dynamic workspaces take shape, effective management of your rooms and resources is critical. Our easy-to-use software lets users see all available resources from one simple interface so they can quickly and easily make a complete reservation using any device, anytime, anywhere.

The system also provides real-time analytics into how your resources are being used, allowing you to make informed decisions on real estate design and configuration. By gaining visibility and increasing space utilization, one organization vacated 6 floors—3 of which were sublet—providing a substantial return on investment. Whether managing conference rooms, classrooms, or desks, you too can greatly improve the effectiveness of your facilities and the productivity of your workforce.