IBM Watson Insights

IBM® Patient Care and Insights is a comprehensive healthcare solution that provides advanced analytics and care management to support patient-centered care processes. With IBM Patient Care and Insights, healthcare organizations can increase the quality of care, improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs by:

• Creating a complete view of patient information that leverages a range of data, from vital health metrics and test results to doctors’ notes and diagnostic imaging reports, acquired from multiple providers

• Using advanced analytics to surface new insights and identify earlier, more effective targeted intervention opportunities

• Turning those insights into action with coordinated, automated, accountable and patient-centered care management

Using a combination of advanced analytic solutions from IBM, including IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare and IBM Similarity Analytics, IBM Patient Care
and Insights enables healthcare organizations to analyze both structured data—such as electronic medical record (EMR) and claims data—as well as data from a wide range of unstructured sources, including doctors’ notes, consultation reports and faxes. The content analysis capabilities required to capture this unstructured content draw on the same advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology used by IBM WatsonTM to understand text-based information and present it for analysis.