linkAges On-Line Orientation

Welcome to the linkAges TimeBank Orientation! We’re thrilled that you’re here. linkAges TimeBank is a web-based service exchange network that matches and connects you with the unique skills, talents and needs of those who live nearby. As a member you can give and receive help, learn new skills, and share hobbies and interest with other members. Every time you provide a service to another member, you earn hours. You can then use the hours you’ve earned to receive services in return. Individuals and local community organizations can both join the linkAges TimeBank. To join linkAges TimeBank, you must be over the age of 18, attend an in-person or online orientation session, and complete a simple background check. Local community organizations who become members can post offers and requests on behalf of their clients or community members. This is particularly helpful for organizations who serve individuals who may not have access to technology or speak languages other than English.