NextGen Healthcare Explainer Video

The healthcare landscape is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. A more consumer-oriented marketplace means physicians are working hard to raise their levels of care and provide more personalized service. At the same time, they’re being faced with some of the toughest challenges we’ve seen in the industry. The outlook is not a particularly pretty one. With their bottom lines in jeopardy, medical practices have to do everything in their power to retain and grow revenue. A revenue cycle management solution is a good place to start. Reliable RCM solutions can help get practices back on the right path.

At NextGen Healthcare, we work side-by-side with practices to mitigate the threats to their earning power so they can focus on what they love. Our comprehensive revenue cycle management solution provides end-to-end billing and collections services. Whereas most RCM providers simply send denied claims back to practices to handle and call it “denial management,” NextGen Healthcare works to completely resolve denials. We also offer helpful oversight to optimize revenue. If any key performance indicators begin to slip, our team of over 900 experts can catch them. Not only is NextGen Healthcare proud of our wide range of services—when it comes to tangible results, we deliver. Each of our clients gets a dedicated account manager to help define best practices…address issues…establish practice goals…and provide ongoing support. These financial pros continually watch over clients’ books to make sure revenue goals are being hit. They work as extensions of each practice’s team, making it their business to stay on top of yours. And because every practice has unique goals—along with different capabilities and staffing levels—we’ve designed our RCM solution to be robust and flexible. In short, we handle what any practice needs us to handle so it can operate as efficiently—and profitably—as possible. NextGen Healthcare RCM. Better results period.