Notre Dame – Fund A Need

Each year Notre Dame High School provides in excess of $700,000 in tuition assistance to students. Tuition assistance often makes the seemingly impossible possible-changing lives in the most profound ways. This year, Notre Dame raised nearly $70,000 in one night. Largely due the generous community and this video.

Wow!!   The fund-a-need part of the auction exceeded our wildest expectations.  Full credit goes to your team and the video.  Even the auctioneer had a tear in his eye J  I looked for you after, but couldn’t find you at the event – to let you know how much I appreciate your patience and your expertise.  You were great to work with and were really able to get just what we needed from the students.  I appreciate all of the time that you put into it.  You have truly made a difference for Notre Dame!

– Beth

OMG – your video was what made it with our donors and convinced them of the need. I hope you realize how important it was in the program.  I am told that just that portion –fund-a-need was over $70k!  Thank you so much for your patience and counsel!

– Charlen

You did a great job with that video and obviously hit the mark, as evidenced by the level of giving that followed!  Wow.    

– Brigitte