Oakland Airport Parking

After your trip, and as you exit the lot, pull up to one of the automated or cashier attended exit machines. Insert your parking ticket into the machine, barcode facing up. The machine will display the amount. Then scan the QR code coupon from your phone, or print out. Hold the code at the bottom of the scanner platform. Your phone should be on its brightest setting while you tilt the screen toward the scanner. Remember to position it at the base. Either here, or here. You’ll see the amount change on the screen. Next, insert your credit or debit card into the machine. Your payment will process and once complete, the gate arm will go up. Finally, if you’d like a receipt, press the “receipt” button and one will print for you below. If at any time you’d like to talk to an attendant, just press the assistance call button on the top right of the machine and someone will respond shortly.  thank you for using Oakland Airport