Omnicell GFM 2020


Improve workflows, care and performance through the autonomous pharmacy.

Omnicell’s autonomous pharmacy solutions offer workflow automation, data intelligence, and expert services that enable caregivers everywhere to focus on improving patient outcomes.

Accelerating the Evolution of Pharmacy

Designed to address clinical, operational, and population health challenges, the autonomous pharmacy can help clinicians safely and securely deliver the right dose to the right patient at the right time across the care continuum. As clinical process engineers who care passionately about health and wellness, we’re dedicated to building the world’s first zero-error, fully automated medication management platform that empowers care professionals to deliver improved patient care, clinician satisfaction, and pharmacy performance.  

A bridge to autonomous pharmacy

The journey to a fully autonomous pharmacy requires use of a multilevel technology strategy that transforms how medications flow from central pharmacy, across practice settings, to the right point-of-care.
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