Omnicell Virtual NFM 2021

In 2019, when we all came together at the Global Field Meeting, our theme focused on our shared purpose: We and our loved ones have all been – or will be – patients. That helped us define not just our opportunity but our responsibility: We all play a role in medication management. In 2020, it was all about Omnicell aligning with the customer. To enable the clinician, we had to work together as a Team of Teams.  Of course, we had our work cut out for us. The sun wasn’t shining for long. The coronavirus storm was about to make landfall. And it hit hard. From overcrowded ERs and ICUs to overworked frontline workers, the situation was dire. And the results were devastating. Lives were lost. Businesses were forced to make hard choices, and many had to close their doors. Millions of jobs disappeared overnight, bringing widespread financial hardship. Children were unable to go to school. Celebrations with neighbors and friends were put on hold or cancelled. And how we work has forever changed. Many will define 2020 as the hardest year, but I see it differently. And while we had to completely reimagine the way we do business, Omnicell bent but did not break. I saw how you responded to adversity with adaptability, from setting up home offices to homeschooling. And none of that was easy—it took a lot of heart. I saw the innovative ways you helped our customers, from Rapid Response…to remote installations. I saw how you bravely serviced our customers. I saw how you connected and supported one another. I saw us come together and make the best out of the most difficult times. Was 2020 hard? You bet. But to me it wasn’t the hardest year. That’s because Omnicell connected to its heart and its soul. Which is why, to me, 2020 will always be…the Heartest Year.

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