Omnicell NFM 2017

Welcome to the 2017 National Field Meeting. Though, truth is not just a national meeting.  We have representatives from around the globe here with us today. And I would like to make all of you feel right at home by saying, “Willkommen,” “Bienvenue,” “Huanying,” and for our team from Australia, “G’day.” I hope everyone is enjoying being here in Austin. It’sthe hotel, the front desk clerk asked if I wanted smoking, non-smoking or barbecuing.Texas is definitely different. Here, a hybrid car is one that runs on gas but has a recycled gun rack. I wish you luck if you don’t eat meat. To Texans, meat is not just a meal, it’s a religion. Literally.

Now, I know at this point some of you are probablyPresident, GAMA? Well, being that Omnicell is a highly democratic company, Rob and I decided to settle the issue in a highly democratic way. Now, I’m sure most of you are wondering, “Hey, Chris, Rob sunk your battleship, how could you be hosting?” There’s a simple explanation. We only budgeted for a two-minute video and there was no way I was gonna pay a nickel more. So the challenges went on for another two days off-camera and I finally prevailed, whooping Rob in a grueling round of Go Fish.

That said, I’ll be hosting first while Rob will take charge part way through the show, bringing his unique personality and wit to the proceedings. And speaking of the show, we’ve got a stellar lineup of guests. The head honcho himself, Randy Lipps, will be here. We’ll also be visiting with Peter Kuipers, Jorge Taborga, Nhat Ngo, Dan Johnston, and Vicki Brooks. And, of course, back by popular demand, the inimitable Drug Diversion Band.