You’ve got an exceedingly popular product. And exceedingly loyal customers. You’ve also got an exceedingly pesky problem. Taking orders takes a long time, leading to long lines and unhappy customers. Add in incorrect orders and you’re not only hurting inventory but the environment and, potentially, your exceedingly loyal customers. This “brewed” awakening is brought to you by O. R. Tech. We can significantly increase speed of service and virtually cut your waste in half. We do it with Order Recognition Technology. With just one click, Sam’s order is in. With just two clicks, Katherine’s order has been easily modified and sent in. New customers are added to the system with a quick scan. It’s saved as a digital representation of the face. No images are stored. We’re the most advanced platform for POS systems that uses facial recognition for its drive-thru customers. And speaking of advanced platforms for POS systems, we offer two options. You can go with a complete turnkey system. Or you can simply integrate O. R. Tech into your existing system. lets Recap, shall we? O. R. Tech Increases sales,  saves you money from lost inventory and saves the environment.  While at the same time it saves your customers valuable time and makes them feel valued, so they will return time after time What’s more, our fully flexible technology delivers endless possibilities. It’s applicable to everything from fast-food restaurants to pharmacies to banks. O. R. Tech. The Future of Personalized Service. May we take your order?