PG&E EV Fleet

Looking for a proven way to keep your fleet running at max efficiency—while reducing your cost of ownership? Go electric. By making the move to an electric fleet, you’ll realize a world of real, sustainable benefits for your fleet operations and the environment. And drive the kind of change that can put you miles ahead. PG&E’s EV Fleet program is here with the guidance, resources and incentives you need to speed and simplify your transition to an electric fleet. Right now, we’ll pay a significant portion of what’s needed to bring power from the pole to the charger. Along with substantial construction and logistical support. This includes site design and permitting. Plus, depending on your location and vehicle types, you may qualify for additional rebates on your EV charging stations. And with new commercial EV rates, fueling your fleet will become simpler and likely less expensive. Bottom line: your upfront infrastructure costs could be reduced anywhere from 50 to 100%! And you could see ongoing fuel costs savings of 30-50% over equivalent gas and diesel alternatives.


To get started, go to to fill out an Interest form. You’ll be connected to our EV Fleet specialists who will guide you through the many considerations to electrifying your fleet, such as finding the right vehicles and financial incentives to lower the total cost of ownership. Then, when the time is right, we’ll conduct a site visit to develop preliminary designs and cost estimates. Once you’ve decided to participate in the program, we’ll finalize designs, obtain permits, and build out the infrastructure to meet your specific needs. That’s it! Your system is now fully operational, and you’re ready to roll. But your not alone, because we’re here to provide any assistance or support needed along the way.


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