Cooking for one can be boring and lonely. But now there’s a way to make it fun, social and interactive. Meet SmartyPans. A computerized cooking pan that “RECORDS & SHARES RECIPES”, “TEACHES YOU HOW TO COOK” & “COMPUTES NUTRITION” as you cook. (Simply connect the pan to the app and let SmartyPans do its magic. The app is your cooking companion. Tell it every ingredient you’re adding and the pan’s weight and temperature sensors keep track of your measurements and the optimal cook time. Not only that, but the app will also record your recipe as you cook. Share your recorded recipe with all your friends on the SmartyPans platform. And let them recreate your recipe with step-by-step cooking instructions from SmartyPans app. SmartyPans makes cooking more engaging with the easy to follow instructions right at your fingertips. It guides you every step of the way, telling you what ingredient to add, how much to add and when to move on to the next step. You can now cook recipes that look and taste just like recipes from your favorite chefs, friends and even your mom! Tracking Nutrition has never been this easy! SmartyPans computes nutrition of the food as you cook and integrates with your fitness trackers Take charge of your fitness goals with a better understanding of your nutrition intake. When all is said and done…even when you’re cooking by yourself…with SmartyPans, you are never cooking alone.