The future is here, intelligent, real-time, end to end, and it demands a new kind of infrastructure because in a world where everything is an AI-enabled computer, your infrastructure must integrate the best technologies and applications, leverage the best expertise, and deliver the best performance, economics, and sustainability. Co-design is the only way to build it. Co-design delivers better solutions because it provides the freedom to tap everything that the market has to offer. Its mission-focused but vendor-agnostic to ensure best of breed. It can harness rapidly-evolving technologies and expertise to give you the competitive edge, and co-design ensures your infrastructure is optimized for your mission and evolves with it. But only if you choose the right partner. Trusted for over 30 years and serving over 30 countries, SourceCode co-designs, builds, and supports next generation intelligent infrastructure, from device to data center. Along the way, SourceCode has built a business model that is native to co-design. With an established global supply chain and strong technology partnerships, field-proven co-design engineering, and lab environments. SourceCode also has co-design manufacturing sites in the US and Europe, including in-house capabilities for certification and compliance testing and the financial strength to invest in your success now and into the future. The future is here. It demands a new kind of infrastructure, and that demands a new kind of partner with an approach that is engineering-led, service-focused, vendor-agnostic, and end-to-end. SourceCode, Hardware Co-design from Device to Datacenter.