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Little Bobby was excited when his parents bought an electric vehicle. Sadly, they had no clue how to charge the battery. Luckily, Little Bobby was tech-savvy. “This is a portable Level 1 Charging Station,” he explained. “It came with your car and plugs into any 110-volt outlet.” That made Little Bobby’s parents happy. “But it can take 8 to 27 hours to fully charge the battery,” he added. “And that means higher electricity costs.” That made Little Bobby’s parents sad. He cheered them up with a presentation on the Level 2 Charging Station…which can fully charge the battery in 2 to 6 hours, saving money. “You’ll need a licensed electrician to install the 240-volt outlet,” he told them. “But Southern California Edison can help you find one.” He added they could save even more money by switching to a special time-of-use rate plan. “And when we’re away from home,” said Bobby excitedly, “charging from a DC Fast Charge station, available at hundreds of locations throughout Southern California, can get you a full charge between 30 and 60 minutes.” Grateful, Little Bobby’s parents treated their son to ice cream. Then they asked him where their cell phone “on” button was. The story continues at where you can determine your charging station needs and learn about rebates. With Southern California Edison as your partner, you’ll charge happily ever after.