Spikes Isla Product Video

If you’re serious about preventing cyber attacksproducts like these, which try to keep the bad guys outside your network. Problem is, all this stuff relies on some form of out if Internet traffic is good or   bad.  But cyber criminals know how to bypass these technologies with malware that is completely   undetectable. This is especially true when it comes to browser malware.

Hey, nothing against web browsers.  They’ve become the most strategically important application in today’s digital economy.

But, let’s face it, despite best efforts to make browsers secure, they’re not designed to be security tools – and cyber criminals know that.  Which is why the browser has become the primary attack vector they use to gain access to your network.

Look, you can’t detect the undetectable, so adding more of that stuff is not the answer. Instead…it’s time to think differently.

Say hello to Isla – the innovative isolation appliance from Spikes Security.  Isla was created to solve one very significant security problem – preventing all malicious web content from entering your secure network through the browser.

Hey, that’s no trivial task, and, honestly, it’s never been done before.  So how exactly does Isla solve the problem?

Well, Isla starts by isolating the browser on a   specialized appliance outside your firewall.  When Isla gets a web request from an internal user on your network, it processes the request and renders the content in an isolated VM on the appliance.

Now, here’s where the magic begins.  Isla then continuously transforms all web content – video, audio, text, and graphics – into a safe, malware-free format, and delivers it safely to users inside your network.

If there’s any malware in the original web content, guess what – it stays inside the VM, outside your network.  And at the end of each web session, the VM along with any malware are automatically destroyed.  Bam! – malware problem solved.

Now, you may be wondering – what impact does Isla have on web users in your organization?

Good news! Isla is designed to work seamlessly with all major browsers.  It does this by presenting the transformed web content as a benign, virtual image within existing browsers.  So you can still enjoy the same user experience, but be completely safe from all web malware.

Isla also keeps you safe when you’re outside the organization working on mobile devices, like smart phones or tablets.  Again, you can still use your favorite browser but enjoy complete protection from web malware regardless of where you are working.

Of course, you might prefer to have employees use the lightweight Isla web viewer – which works just like a web browser but is designed specifically for the Isla appliance.  It’s up to you – lots of options when you choose Isla.

By the way, Isla appliances easily scale to support any number of users on your network.  Appliances can be deployed on premise or in your cloud, and everything is configured and managed as a single security system through the Control Center management application.

So there you have it – Isla is an innovative cyber security solution that finally solves the browser malware problem.  The web is safe again!  And so is your network.

Now hopefully you can find some time to relax in a place like this.  Cheers.