Spikes Security Explainer Video

Every business – including yours – is a potential target for cyber attacks. But you already know that.  And the web browser has become the primary vector for these attacks.  Browser-borne malware can quickly infect endpoint devices and gain access to your network resources.  But, you probably already knew that as well. So wait, if we already understand these security problems, why haven’t they been solved by now?  Think about it.  Each year companies collectively spend billions of dollars to build defense-in-depth security architectures that include web gateways, intrusion prevention systems, AV software, malware analysis engines, blah, blah, blah. All of this stuff is supposed to detect and block browser-borne cyber attacks. But guess what?  None of this detection-based stuff is effective.  If it was, your problems would be solved, and you wouldn’t be watching this video right now, would you? Look, the truth is, cyber criminals have the ability to plan and execute browser-borne malware attacks that are completely undetectable.  And, let’s face it, no security product can detect what is undetectable. So what do you do?

Well, maybe it’s time to think differently about network security.  Rather than relying on outdated detection technologies to guess whether web content is good or bad, why not assume it’s all bad and isolate everything outside your network?  Isolation is an innovative new technology, and it’s available in the AirGap browser isolation system from Spikes Security. AirGap isolates all web content outside your network, which prevents all browser-borne malware from getting inside your network.