This is Bromium

Bromium  is building technology that transforms the trustworthiness of computer systems, making them dependable, secure and manageable by design. What they  build covers a wide range of aspects of Computer Science and Software Engineering, with a strong focus on minimalism, efficiency, simplicity and security.

Bromium products take advantage of modern virtualization techniques to allows you to trap and contain untrusted data and applications, making it easier for users to use applications and workloads they choose without compromising on system security. In there vision, users should be able to operate with untrusted data without having to worry about system integrity.

Why join Bromium?

A job at Bromium is an opportunity to challenge the status quo. Bromium software touches all aspects of software stack from user interfaces to hypervisors. You will be tackling challenging problems and developing elegant and robust solutions. The technology you develop will fundamentally change how security is addressed in enterprises. You will be part of an amazing team and get to learn as much as you contribute.