WAVES Kickstarter Video

Introducing WAVES.  The modern day lava lamp

Waves visualizes music streams, makes light and sound shows from your social life everyday, shares your fun with friends and family, and brings calm to your life with guided hypnosis with light. Waves naturally float on the walls of your home. Sit perfectly on your desk.

What would you build with a technology small enough to strap to your wrist and powerful enough to help you find meaning in your life? Votsh makes commercial and open-source technology. It is a well designed kit of software and hardware that anyone can use to express themselves, present a gift to another, and share the truths of living to their community. A community of designers, engineers, fanatics, and business people is forming in support of Votsh. This site is a meeting place. We hope you will participate by following the activity on this site. Even though this project is about making Votsh products for sale, the underlying spirit is to build machines that illuminate meaning in your life. Your Votsh becomes much more than a collection of lights and sounds. It becomes instructive of where you have been and where you are going. [