Voutine Kickstarter

Let’s face it. When technology is designed right, it makes doing stuff a whole lot more convenient, efficient, and fun. Technology. When designed right, it makes your life more convenient. More efficient. And definitely more fun. And that’s what Voutine, the new versatile smart button, is all about.

Actually, Voutine is several smart buttons all rolled into one. Customize it to suit your individual needs whether you’re at home, at the office or on the road. Click it once, click it twice or do a long hold for a wide range of capabilities while connected to any Wi-Fi, GPS or cell network. Voutine comes preset with 4 profiles. But with the companion app you’ll have the power to create scores of unique, location-based profiles. Always offering you the right actions in the right place at the right time. At home, you can set up Voutine to access your favorite music, Siri or Google Assistant. Attach Voutine to your car keys and you’ll never waste time looking for them again. What’s also cool about Voutine is that it travels well. It comes in handy when you want to answer calls, get directions or catch up on texts. You can even take Voutine on the road. Use it to answer calls, get directions, and everything in between. Voutine fits in well with your work routine. Voutine is equally comfortable at work. Use it for inputting the phone numbers of colleagues, launching your email, and turning on Wi-Fi. And Voutine is the ideal companion when you’re just chilling. And if your favorite tunes are what you crave, Voutine can make it happen. Want your favorite music to accompany you? Your wish is Voutine’s command. The possibilities are limitless.The customization is seamless. And you have the power to make Voutine a success—and your world more convenient, more efficient, and more fun.