WhiteHat Security

The modern DevSecOps strategy is all about catching vulnerabilities early, embedding security into every product release. WhiteHat Scout allows developers to incorporate security in their daily workflow, making security an asset advantage, rather than an impediment. With Scout, your developers can scan their code as they are creating it, inside their environment. Scout helps developers become part of your extended security team, because it bridges the gap between what developers need to accomplish, and what security needs to protect. Shifting security left in the software delivery lifecycle reducing re-work, helps diminish risk, and saves time and resources. Build Security early into Your software development lifecycle. Have your developer team try WhiteHat Scout today.

I’m a developer, and my team is in a constant race to meet deadlines and push deliverables. I want to write new code for tomorrow’s products, but frankly I keep getting re-work in the queue for yesterday’s vulnerabilities. But then my manager found WhiteHat Scout. WhiteHat Scout lets me check my code for security flaws, on my schedule, at my convenience. Scout finds many of the most important vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting, and more, quickly and accurately. Also, no one can see the issues in my code, because my scans are private to me. I get detailed descriptions on how to fix the problems. Scout is like my own personal security coach. Now I can check my code before I check in my code, and there are fewer tickets coming back with my name on them. Thanks, WhiteHat Scout.