Zettaset Explainer

When it comes to protecting yourself and your family, you take many precautions.
You lock your house.
You lock up the valuables in your house.
You put a lock on everyone’s phone to block access.
You do the same for everyone’s personal data.
Yet when it comes to your business data, the door is wide open, and the house is now an ever-expanding mansion. Consider how rapidly the mansion is growing.
90% of the world’s data was created in the past 2 years. The amount of that data was 1 zettabyte in 2013. Currently, it’s 16 zettabytes, and forecasted to be 175 zettabytes in 2025-That’s 2.8 quadrillion gigabytes. This wealth of data is providing valuable insights across all facets of people and businesses. This can be seen by the rise of data-driven companies. So much so that the top 5 data companies have a market cap of over $4 trillion. Which has made data the most valuable commodity and the most desired target for theft globally.


None of this should be surprising. That’s because in 95% of all breaches, the data was unencrypted. So, what exactly is preventing you from protecting your business data.


Zettaset can help you conquer those concerns.
Our software-defined encryption solution encrypts data from bare metal through containers, from the edge to the cloud and in all virtual and physical environments.
It begins with a cryptographic algorithm approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and continues with granular policy management, extensive key administration functionality, flexible license management options, and interoperable key management capabilities. These attributes constitutes a comprehensive encryption solution. This singular solution meets performance and transparency requirements necessary to scale dynamically, while simultaneously offering a low total cost of ownership and ease of use in highly distributed environments. With these capabilities, it provides protection against bad actors and meets compliance and regulatory requirements.


What’s more, Zettaset not only conforms to industry best practices, we take the complexity out of cryptography by providing intuitive installation and management features that alleviate the need to have cryptographic expertise. And it doesn’t matter if the solution is stand-alone or integrated in a multi-vendor environment.
Bottom line, because we provide complete data protection on the edge and in the cloud, it’s like getting coverage for much more than just your house. Think of it as protection for everything outside of it.
From your car.
To your vacation home
To all your IOT devices.
You get the picture.
Now get complete data protection
Get Zettaset.